5 vishu outfit ideas from old clothes|How to drape saree as half saree|Convert old saree|Asvi

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 7 एप्रिल, 2021
Hi sundaress, ella links evida unduto
Outfit #1
Saree bought from Kalayan and stitched to Skirt and blouse
Outfit #2
Kurtha and pants set from Saaki
Outfit #3
Turtle neck T shirt
Long chain
Outfit #4
Necklace set
Outfit #5
Red skirt
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  • Hi sundaress, ella links evida unduto OUTFIT DETAILS Outfit #1 Saree bought from Kalayan and stitched to Skirt and blouse Outfit #2 Kurtha and pants set from Saaki Outfit #3 Turtle neck T shirt amzn.to/2R5Ie2u Earrings amzn.to/3cWrEuv Settumundu amzn.to/39RRy0v Necklace instagram.com/beadsnstons/ Long chain instagram.com/the.vp.store/ Outfit #4 saree instagram.com/sewnstyle_01/ Blouse instagram.com/paisleestudio?igshid=gkcyxaoo46hg Necklace set instagram.com/vintage5_onlineshopping?igshid=jnxivemjoguq Outfit #5 Red skirt amzn.to/39SFqwa Blouse amzn.to/3umAZ4K

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